The Acres Abloom pop up shop will be open soon!

With spring sprung it’s time to let you in on a little secret… This winter my husband and I worked on a pop up shop! It’s portable so that we can go to selected businesses and have a chance to sell blooms & share information about like minded small businesses in the NH local movement. Here’s a quick timeline of the shop in pictures.

The old trailer needs a new life & I’ve got the perfect idea. We will start the build as soon as all permissions have been acquired 😬
Cleaned off the old , added new wiring for lites painted & new tires
Solid foundation
Work after work
Framed – I’m so excited
Outside walls
Inside walls
White washed
Trim painted & shelves ready
Finally the vision is complete ❣️

Please follow share and like on my Instagram @acres.abloom I will post ahead of time the when & where we will be POPPING UP soon & thanks for all my supportive people- I really appreciate you!!! 💐

2 thoughts on “The Acres Abloom pop up shop will be open soon!”

  1. I’ve been in touch with you before. I use to own a florist in Florida so as a person who knows the business that is totally impressive. You did a great job. Let me know your location of your next pop up. I’ll definitely stop by

    1. Debbie- I ended up having surgery & I’m finally ready to try a pop up this Friday- I wanted to talk to you about some help on my niece’s wedding in September- it’s a long story but at first she said she didn’t want any flowers- I said I’d be happy to make you a hand tied bouquet for your special day & she said yes… now of course it’s more than that & I would love your help as it’s my goddaughter & now I’m stuck 🤦🏻‍♀️

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