Long winters are getting old to us

So as I start writing this there are so many bittersweet thoughts & feelings! As I get older I long for making farming a little less difficult. In New Hampshire the winters are long and they’re cold and the hard days on the farm outnumber the easy fun ones! Springs are short but are always challenging as frost kills the best laid plans. The annual ritual of carrying thousands of seedlings inside and outside and inside and outside and inside and outside so they get enough sun and wind but no cold at night gets very tiring. Frost cloth on frost cloth off , repeat, fills my morning routine.

It’s time for lean farming -time to make change. I’ve been reading and reading all winter getting spectacular ideas for how to make this easier but change is hard. We have decided to move to a new farm which is down south , outside of Nashville. The new Acres Abloom begins is literally land that is a blank slate there are no flowers just an old horse field waiting for blooms. I’ve never had a blank slate before so I’m excited and apprehensive…. So much to think about and get ready for. I’m ready to be challenged. I hope you’ll follow our journey.

Acres Abloom restart 2022

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  1. That will be a huge change. I can not image trying to figure out changes of the growing needs going from New Hampshire to Texas. This time of year I am excited to see the growth of my seedlings and you are preparing to move thousands of miles and possibly 4 hardiness zones away. Good luck in your new venture. Keep the updates coming.

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