Spring has sprung

The weather is warming and the sprouts are growing. The cool flowers that were sown last fall are budding and blooming

Corn cockles

We have had more issues thrown at us from Mother Nature- strong windstorms, a thunderstorm that turned into hail, and we actually are already worried about drought 🤦🏻‍♀️

The beneficials are back
Snap Dragons

But overall things are chugging along- I’m sowing my succession plantings every morning, I cover the baby seedlings when I first transplant them, because they are so tender, hand watering with a watering can as we wait for our well to be drilled . I’m looking forward to a time when I can just automate the watering so I can spend more time on other things!

We had our first pop up of the season

We had our first pop up of the season and it went well ! It was Mother’s Day in a local coffee shop . We are popping up at “food truck Fridays “ June 2nd and hope to get to more people to know about our farm. Starting to plan on farm events soon – still waiting for insurance issues to be sorted. And that won’t happen until we get our electricity finalized & a few more finishing touches.

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  1. I truly had no idea how much was involved with this endeavor. I admire your perseverance. Your flowers are beautiful.

    1. Hope all is awesome with you guys! Trying to keep up with the posts but so much going on! I’m still trying to figure out this stupid newsletter app – it won’t let me post after I write it 😡

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