Bang bang ….no way!

The field to the house sprint route

So we’re out in the field one evening trying to do some catch-up work, We’ve got the music on and we’re laughing and we’re working. Suddenly we’re hear … bang bang bang bang! The noise doesn’t stop it continues but Steven takes off like a shot and he runs as fast as I’ve ever seen him run, screaming “somethings wrong with the AC unit ! somethings wrong with the AC unit”! I of course immediately start imagining how much it will cost to replace an AC unit and fear takes over !! I dash to where he is. As I run I hear the noise has stopped ! I’m relived , until I come onto a gruesome site! Steven pulled the emergency disconnect and the fan was no longer spinning. He’s covered in something ! “What the heck is it?”I ask. Now I’m going the clean up the language but because if you know my husband, he wasn’t calm! He barks”It’s blood guts and s*it! “ and then I look into the unit to see an Eastern Fence Lizard, or should I say what was left of her! Steve’s covered in eggs, blood & guts! she probably jumped in to lay eggs but didn’t realize the fan comes on ! She had been a full grown 7 inch lizard a few moments ago and was now dripping off my grossed out guy! Well let me tell you , the clean up detail was full of rants – something about “stupid lizard”and “it’s like toxic waste” “I’m gonna puke” “holy s*it how much of this is eggs?”. Once he got it cleaned up and took a well deserved shower, we tried the unit and thankfully it was fine! I have had some private chuckles about his dash to the unit and the look on his face when I got to the scene! But it’s too new for him to laugh so I’ll have my chuckles here with you lol!

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