Blustery cold growing outside

It’s been a mix of warm and cold here this January. The hardy annual flowers that are in the ground look great & the daily grind of covering and uncovering is becoming routine. In NH we just set it and forget it lol but here it’s much more complicated. Checking the weather twice a day is also the norm!

Flower cooler is almost done –

The interior of the shop has been keeping us busy too! We built our flower cooler!!!!! Saving up for the racks to go inside! Who knew how expensive foam insulation would be! A wood wall between equipment storage & shop is also up inside the barn. That will have to suffice until we save up enough money to do more.

Interior wall of the shop

I’ve added Gift certificates to the web site. For giving flowers for events like Valentines and Mother’s Day this year just in case we don’t have blooms yet. People can still give the gift of flowers, but the recipients can come to the Farm, spend some time with me in the gardens and get seasonal fresh flowers- once my season starts. I’m hoping that might be a way to sell some flowers ahead of time. We are trying to layout the farm very strategically so that it will be set up for photography by professionals & for when I can finally have “pick your own” events! Oh and I am adding a Bloomin’ buddy membership for my special flower friends. My plan is to offer exclusive discounts and one-of-a-kind gifts etc. to YOU special people who have been so supportive & signed up to my email list to be in the know. Our soft opening of the farm will be a member only event!

If friends were flowers, I’d Pick you 🐝

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