First trip

Exhausted, sad, and ready for the first truck trip. It’s so hard to remember the plan – don’t fall back on old habits keep this farm lean if you don’t need it don’t bring it. 

Just the house stuff & a few plants

Of course it had to snow during our drive…. to remind myself while we were doing this.


Reminder of what we want to leave

After unpacking , and looking at our new farm, walking the land, playing in the soil again, I had a freak out moment – how long will it take to build the infrastructure? We’re going to need a place for the all important barn cats as soon as possible… our solution is a large shed pre-built that will house them as well as much of our stuff while we wait for the other buildings to be designed and built. This journey is going to be a lot of exercises in patience.

Rodent control is extremely important on a flower farm!
A brother and sister who have been with us for a long time now 💕

They bring me voles and mice that have been near the flowers and they get tasty treats

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