Windstorms, flooding & winters

Well the windstorm took the cedar tree that gave our annuals shade – snapped it in half… 🙄 In the photo you can see we are digging the trench for electricity to the workshop which is exciting news for us ! Right now we have cords from the house to light the germination room 😬!

The seedlings are cranking along & the temperature swings are still with us. Apparently Tennessee has “5 little winters “ so as I learn the weather patterns, covering and uncovering are back into my life. The cool flowers from last fall are now old enough to handle the cold snap we are currently in- hovering around 30 for 5 or so days . As I see it we have 4 more “winters”. we have had 3 cold snaps but,I have been told we are in redbud winter currently – so this year is early 😁

Germination room which will convert to cooler soon
Redbud winter

Tennessee’s 5 little winters – per folklore 1. Redbud -early April 2. Dogwood late spring. 3. locus early may 4. Blackberry mid may 5. Britches (meaning keep your long Johns out lol) late May

Getting some seedlings used to cooler temperatures inside the shop

So currently I have cool flowers in the field outside growing & even budding, I have early spring annuals sown and getting hardened to get outside, I have early annual’s started and those will be transplanted mid April. All in the hopes for Mother’s Day blooms 🤞🏼 I will have flowers consecutively after that as I have successions of planting.




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