One more trip and we are officially moved

After the nightmare trip we were positive the last trip down (with the pets) would be fine. We had packed the last of everything, cleaned the old house & barns and said our goodbyes. We put Elvis the house cat in his own crate with a cat box, food and water. Repeat for the barn cats but together so they have a buddy. After we stuffed in the straggler items and clothes we see there is hardly room for poor Sprout our border collie! After some squishing we are off on the journey.

The first few hours of barn cat crying was annoying but kinda expected so kind words & some music make it bearable- time to switch drivers & stretch legs. Sprout is enjoying a run around and not to keen on getting back in but she does so reluctantly. We set off for our next 3 hours- surprisingly it’s kinda quieter, maybe the cats settled….ewwww what IS that smell . One of the barn cats is carsick about and hour in – nothing we can do except clean it up and press on. Half hour before we stop to switch again, we humans are getting antsy and know that we can’t stop until the next rest stop as this is a crazy part of the drive. So all 3 cats decided to 💩- yup all 3! Like they were trying to kill us with the stench!!! Sprout wasn’t the only one with here head out the window!

Are you kidding me?

So here I am in a rest stop trying to clean out 💩 without letting the barn cats out who want to escape like Houdini! We went into the truck stop and bought the biggest air neutralizing freshener and back in the car we went. The rest of the trip was smelly but uneventful & getting settled into our new home seems ok!

Too tired to explore
Tired Elvis
Barn babies
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