People ask me, "What do you do in the winter?”.


 I smile because I know they are thinking that it’s my down time.
Winter isn’t a time for rest, but rather a change in farm duties.  Farming is not just work in the fields, sweating and tired from hours bent over, tending to plants & animals. Farming is my business. It’s a business that is a year-round, full-time job.
Farmers spend the winter planning, studying seed catalogs & crop spreadsheets & figuring out breeding pairs & grazing plans. Setting up the farm calendar for the year is a huge undertaking with many moving parts!  Winter is also when the ewes are lambing & the goats are kidding!  It’s when the wood can be split and the barn gets a much needed cleaning.   I also spend the winter working on marketing plans, updating the website & blog and even figuring out financial stuff.  This year I’m excited to be doing some long-term, planning for what is next here and at our new farm.  So although I do get a little break from weeding & cutting flowers, it feels a little too short and I never get caught up.  Hopefully some of my future plans will help me with time management and a leaner farm!  
First lamb of the season 💕
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