Reset with friends

First blooms 2023

It’s been an extremely busy and stressful time at the farm all of March and April-. The daunting task of uncovering and hand watering all the seedlings in the ground daily at the same time trying to keep new sowings moist and warm while dealing with the 5 winters of TN might make ya crazy! Then the battle to get electricity and a well at the barn – no I still do not have either 🙄 that has been just plain frustrating! But I do have good friends! My friend Pam came over on a precious Saturday and helped me put in the dahlias. It was so nice to chat over the work of digging and planting. Flower farmers can get lonely in the fields but just a sunny afternoon with Pam made me feel like I was stronger and ready for the season. The next weekend our dear friend Dan came from NH and we laughed, ate too much- took time for a boat excursion & got the perennials weeded and mulched and started moving some things around that were just to heavy for me. Just these 2 friends being themselves- happy and helpful gave me such a reset & I’m ready to start selling blooms. The sunshine also has made the flowers pop and they are blooming – So it is go time! I’ll start putting my pop up schedule on the calendar- as soon as I figure out how lol

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