Solarization & Microbes

Starting from a 5 acre horse pasture will have it’s challenges! Weeds! Compaction! Monoculture!

Solarization will help me with weed pressure ! It’s a long process of 4 weeks so we will get right to it! Plastic over a freshly watered area weighted down, and Mother Nature does the rest! The sun heats the soil to temperatures that kill bacteria, fungi, insects, nematodes, mites, weeds, and weed seeds.

Monoculture has this ecosystem needing regenerative practices to get the diversity back! We need organic matter added to the soil to help it heal itself with biology! We need microorganisms to flourish again- that takes diverse plantings & along with the organic matter & a small amount rock phosphate (microorganisms food) & mulch(habitat) , and then an inoculation of good microbes for a boost of good guys & we will begin the journey!

It’s alive!
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