I wanted to thank everyone who has been so supportive of Acres Abloom. We are so thankful that we have been able to do so much in such a short amount of time! Our new shop building is coming right along. I have so many perennials, tubers , hardy annuals and seedlings growing for next year. I’m working on updating the website so that I can offer a bouquet subscription & online options as well.

Baby ranunculus

We are busy covering and uncovering as Mother Nature throws curveballs! Over the last 40 days it’s been a low as 19 degrees and as high as 78! Young seedlings need to be sheltered from such extremes so we use frost cloth and even sometimes layers of frost cloth and plastic to insulate the young plants. There was a day that I had to uncover and cover after only 2 hours- now that’s some weird stuff!

Row covers that have to come off in the morning & on at night – if you look closely you can see the new building in the background 😉

Our plan is to continue to work on this business through the next month, have a quick holiday break & be right back to sowing seeds for early spring planting. We are looking forward to offering the best specialty cut flowers as soon as possible this year…let’s see what Mother Nature throws at us 🤣

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