The good the bad and the ugly

Today I thought I would share with you the animals that we have seen here so far.

One of the good
Good :Eastern box turtle
The bad

These are both good and will help the ecosystem. The bad below, this deer can just go eat somewhere else ! They eat my flowers right before blooming and can cost a flower farmer a lot of $! And obviously from the photo even with fencing your not safe – Sprout was right there with me and she jumped into our field anyway!

Now I want to be VERY clear- I’m not saying this ugly is bad! In fact they are awesome at eating rodents when they are adults and insects when they are small, I’m just saying they could be considered ugly

Steven saw the 6 foot snake right near the house and was alarmed!! His loud voice scared the snake so it dodged for cover under our stairs! We did the only logical thing – set up chairs and camp out until he slithers out and we get a better look! Tennessee is home of some venomous snakes & with our curious Border collie, Sprout , we needed to know …

North American racer – ugly but beneficial

After about 1 1/2 hours, he finally let us see him & his periscope habit which told us he was friendly not foe! We will try to live happily cohabitating in the same ecosystem. If it had been venomous our plan was to reach out to the Tennessee herpetologists so it could be removed safely & allowed to live somewhere without a nutty dog !


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