Winds of change

As I write this I find the literal winds bringing changes to the farm. It’s windy & for the first time cool. I’m wearing pants & a shirt over my t- shirt for the first time since we moved here! A few select trees are turning yellow, fall is starting. October brought us our first family visitors and we had the best weekend! It was so fun to walk through the farm and show the transformation that has really happened in a short amount of time! Realizing the work we have put in helps me put things in perspective.

The building plan … kinda

Soon we will have our building up & I will be preparing it for the push of next spring. Right now I’m extremely excited that I have a workshop booked in October!!! I’m giving a bouquet building workshop for a Daycares staff appreciation night – how fun! I’ve missed doing workshops and can’t wait. I’ve been watching the plants & carefully, fertilizing with natural emulations, deadheading to have perfect blooms for it.


Other changes seem to be that the armadillos that were living peacefully with us seem to becoming more bold! We had one come out during the day 🤷🏻‍♀️ not even afraid of Sprout barking at it? The photo below is not a very good photo but if you look closely you can see him there…

Armadillo during the day?!

Dickson is still extremely dry(just look at that photo above!) , the task of watering all the flowering plants, the seedlings, the new perennials, the bulbs & the Corms keeps me hopping! The fact that we haven’t had rain is difficult because now I can’t use the rainwater that I had to store- it’s all gone. So we’re back to trying to be very careful with our well. But they say it is going to rain next week, and then we are getting an early frost 😬 which will end my cut flower season, but I’ll still be working on planting the rest of the cool hardy annuals, a few hundred more perennials, 600 ranunculus, 1500 bulbs and of course some more woodie shrubs. Once that’s done I’ll start the plan for next year’s garden while I work on wreaths of the dried flowers I was able to get this year. Next year I’ll have a proper drying area so I will be able to have some wreath workshops like I did in NH 😃

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