Drought to deluge

From June to August was some of the hottest temperatures on record as everyone knows and the Flower farm was in drought management. With only a poor producing house well we could only water every 3 days - not ideal but we were managing. Thinks have shifted and the weather is going into anther cycle I think? Over the past week a few storms have come on like gangbusters! Today we have had 3 such storms with explosive cracks of thunder immediately after the flash of lighting. All I can do now is hope the tiny seedlings that were put into the ground this week fight to stay in the ground. The water is rushing down the aisles, but the plants are covered to protect them from sun , wind and rain so all I can do is hope it’s working & try to get things done inside that have been weighting on my mind. One of those tasks is to pour over my list for next year and make sure that I have everything started that I need. I have started for this fall so many exciting things, they just need to over winter 😬. I have to make sure I have the seeds for the spring. Soon will be a big change as I’m putting in another perennial field of peonies in November so they’ll be a lot of ground prep as we going to fall.

Our peony field won’t be this spectacular, but a girl can dream

In October we will put in the building so I have a covered space to work in. A necessity with this sun! There are lots more plans for this coming year and I’m so grateful for all the support I get from my family, friends & customers ❤️

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