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As anyone who is following me knows I’ve had better years as a grower! Our badly timed move to Tennessee,along with a scorching June, deer pressure the likes I’ve never seen & a failing well so we can no longer water the farm- haven’t helped!! But I’m a grower who’s been doing this for years so I don’t quit! I started many seeds again & I’ve been planning the plantings that will happen this fall for overwintering cool flowers to bloom early next year . I’ve been working on the perennials & woodies area too. But I also decided it was time for some self growth.

The first blooms on the new farm despite the deer munching & dry well
First blooms in the field – I think the double digging that we did to add organics to this clay have helped!

I’m planning out small goals each day instead of looking at a long list of gotta get done! I still have that big list but use it to make the small goals feel less stressful. I work smart and lean on this farm – less extra work. And I’m letting Mother Nature guide me even more than I already did.

A toad who dug himself into my cool just watered seedlings 🙄

But most of all , I’m growing my sense of humor & laughing at every thing she’s throwing at me & stopping to truly enjoy the beauty she lays before me every day. Life is short and I need to smell the flowers.

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