So, ever since I was little, my favorite holiday has been Halloween. I have fond Memories of coming up with the greatest of all ideas to walk in the costume parade at the elementary school, creating costumes with my parents- my brother & I always tried to be a pair or complement each other’s costumes. That night we would walk a around a tiny neighborhood collecting candy going in some peoples homes and actually hanging out with them having popcorn balls and hot apple cider. And then the final part of the night was to walk in the parade. . The local firemen donated the prizes and picked out the costumes worthy of the stage. Only homemade costumes ever got to go up from the gymnasium floor to the stage. We always won & I still love thinking up costumes to this day! As an adult I have always enjoyed decorating our home and working really hard to get trick-or-treaters to come way out where we live as we are never close to town.

This year was no different, I did a social media campaign, telling people we would be giving out treats, I decorated, I dressed up, I waited at the end of the driveway… not one trick or treater – booo hooo but that’s ok, I’ll try again next year!

I’ll think of other ideas next year & hopefully some families will come. We still had an awesome time at the Dickson Boo festival & saw thousands of trick or treaters gathered on Main street so my Halloween cup was filled. & next fall I plan on making the farm have a lot of flowers for everyone who loves Halloween & flowers as much as me 😉

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