It's finally raining

Well NH has finally gotten a forecast of rain but I doubt it will be the 14 inches we need for this year!!! I will be hopeful and grateful for what we get! Hand watering this year was crazy & ate my time!! That fact has showed me that drip tapes are a must for flower farming because of global warming. This is our second year in drought, so I doubt the trend will stop, but if everyone could be mindful of water use, it could slow the progress. Flowers just can't be spectacular without water, so I will use best practices to conserve water. I will continue to catch rain water, but will need to supplement with other water too. If we can all start to do small things to fix the earth... for example buy local so there is less transportation, we can help! My flowers have never been on a plane, boat or the like as I do my part. Today I will do my research for the best drip tapes to purchase with my sustainability in mind.

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