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I got busy and missed March! So sorry I haven’t kept up with the blog. I've got a few projects that I had to get done on the farm inside the flower barn - for starters, I made a pulley hanging system for the dried flowers so they’re not always in my way getting trampled on or having the cats chew on them (yes, they are very mischievous!) I also finished the ceiling. I had a few places I actually had to sew together around the fan that was its own day project.
With thousands of seedlings that have germinated, I’ve been focusing on my perennials, and my flowers, which are annuals. It’s almost time to start most of the warm season annuals - I usually like to start those week 10 or week 11, depending on the insanity level of getting them at the same time, so the insanity of March and April continue. 
Me & Dad a very long time ago
Family influence?

I started loving Flowers when I was tiny - my father loved to grow Gladiolus, Dahlias and a few other stunning cut flowers and sometimes sold them, My mother loved English cottage Gardens and had beds dappled around the farm. My Nonni (grandmother) on my father‘s side dabbled a little in flowers, but mostly grew edible things or went foraging through the forest on their large dairy farm. 
I spent a lot of time at that farm. When the cousins would come, we would run around and do what cousins do and it was a good time. I was one of the younger children, so I’m sure I was annoying to the older cousins because that’s just how the world works.  What I didn’t realize was that I had something very special in common with my older cousin Deborah.  That commonality is that we both became flower farmers!  She has a flower farm in Long Island, New York called Flowerli, and although I haven’t had a chance to visit, I’ve seen her work, and she has some beautiful flowers. I've noticed that she and I often have similar color pallets, and we also grow some of the same flowers, so my question is, was it family influence or did we somehow manifest this love for flowers some other way?  I don’t know the answer, but I’m leaning towards the family influence as I have seen multiple flower farms which are run by teams of families. I’ve seen sisters duos, I’ve seen mother-daughter teams, I’ve even seen a grandmother grandchild team… but I haven’t seen a team of cousins - yet! Could that gardening influence be so strong that it grows little gardeners who don’t even know that it’s implanted in their brain and then one day you are a flower farmer?
I got this letter in the mail from someone who is very important in my life. He was visiting here in Tennessee, but I had gardening that needed to be done, so I snuck out in the morning trying to get it done early so I could spend more time with the kids. He must’ve heard me get up and he followed me out. He was eager to learn everything and really liked getting to touch the sharp tools. I kept saying "do you want to go in and check on mommy?" thinking that he would grow tired of gardening, but that didn’t happen. We spent the early morning just working on the farm. We talked about bugs, we talked about tools, we talked about flowers. He helped me harvest. He helped me plant, but what I didn’t realize was that by spending that little amount of time he got the bug to garden  I hope it stays with him!

In exciting news, we have new merch! Acres Abloom Flower Farm t-shirts are now available on our website in a variety of bright, Spring colors. For only $20, you can represent your favorite local flower farm and help get my name out there. I appreciate all of your support - I couldn't do this without you! 
If you're wondering where the flower cart will be popping up next, I will be at the Bellevue Farmers Market on April 13th and 20th, so come out and see me - I love seeing my Dickson family at these events! Oh and speaking of Dickson- I'm on the committee to keep Food Truck Friday continuing for 2024! I want to see everyone come out and have fun! I will have flowers while you can grab some awesome food and there will be vendors music and family fun! 
I will be phasing out Spring flowers soon in order to make room for Summer annuals, so it might be your last chance to get your hands on my fancy tulips and anemones.
Pick your own flowers is in the works for this year too & a bouquet arrangement workshop - stay tuned for more info!
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