Winter needs

Mini – the runt of the flock so sometimes I need to sneak her grain inside where no one grabs it
Cold day for the sheep -6 f

On a farm in NH you need to care for your animals to keep them warm so they are able to do there job! The sheep mow the pastures 3 months of the year, but need heated water buckets, plenty of hay, some grain & a keen eye to make sure everyone is getting their share! The barn cats who are so valuable on a flower farm need special items to keep them healthy in the winter. They bring me hundreds of voles moles and field mice who attack my flowers, so the cost of a few heated beds & a cat door and a heated water are so worth it. Although I strive to be as eco minded as I can, I must use this energy to keep them warm. I’ve been looking into grants for solar or other ideas, but it’s already seeding time so my time is short. I will keep thinking of ways to make the farm more eco friendly!

Fatty treats
They choose when they are inside or out during the day & are kept in each night
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